LOOK! You heard it right! Job opportunities in Canada this 2021.

The Philippines has faced the year 2021 with the worst GDP since 1947. The GDP shrank for about 9.5% last 2020 and about last month reaches for about 4 million filipinos. This is very alarming since the pandemic are still affecting everyone not only financially but also the challenges on emotional support for everyone.

Now, other countries such as Canada are offering new opportunities applicable for filipinos who wish to work abroad to support their needs and other necessities. The job opportunities in canada has much to offer especially the huge gap between the salary, for example, of a nurse here in the Philippines and there, in Canada.

According to the latest list of Job openings in Canada published by Jobstreet.com, there are 14 opportunities for Filipinos as of March 7,2021.  Most of the Job openings are located in Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario. To name a few, the jobs varies such as truck mechanic, machinist, operation helper, extrusion technician and many more.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN CANADA (according to POEA, Jobstreet.com)

As of 03/14/2021. There are 10 Job Opportunities that can be apply this year. These are:

  1. Flooring Installer
  2. Swine Technician – Carrying out feeding programs on a daily basis, weighing and sorting pigs for transport, Washing empty rooms and preparing rooms for animal transfer, Performing minor maintenance tasks & general farm duties, Recognizing and treating livestock health issues, maintaining livestock performance records, taking care of livestock from farrowing to finish
  3. Electric Motor Rewinder – Conduct electrical testing on newly rewound and reconditioned windings: winding resistance test using megger digitial low resistance ohmete, impedance test, and AC/DC voltage drop test, assemble and dismantle of AC and DC motors and generators, conduct incoming and outgoing electrical evaluations on motors and generators using PD MA, megger, surge tester and etc, conduct insulation resistance, hipot and bar-to-bar testing on commutator before rewinding
  4. Heavy Duty Truck Mechanic – Adjust, repair or replace parts and components of commercial transport truck systems including chassis, frame, cab, body, engine and drive train, air brakes, steering, and fuel, hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems. Adjust, repair or replace parts and components of truck-trailer systems including structural, brake and electrical systems. Any other reasonable duties as may be assigned.
  5. Operation Helper
  6. Extrusion Technician – Maintaining the sheet extrusion line operation. Make mechanical adjustments. Keep track of various controls ex: temperature, speeds, and tension. Carry out quality control of the production
  7. Electro Mechanic
  8. CNC Machinist – Can Interpret Drawings and Blueprints, Prepare the CNC Machine for the pieces production, Fabricate Metallic pieces with the help of different types of CNC Machine, Experience in machining production, such as turning, milling, drilling, bending, cutting and others, Paint Mixer (Quality Control Technician)
  9. Caregiver (with IELTS)
  10. Paint Mixer (Quality Control Technician) – Calibrate and maintain the machine, Recommend necessary adjustment to optimize quality, Produce quality certificate

FOR MORE INFO VISIT: https://poea.jobstreet.com.ph/philippines/canada-jobs/

These job opportunities in canada are more on skills. So if you’re interested you can visit the link provided to check what are the needed qualifications to be able to comply with their requirements before processing other documents.

The mentioned job opportunities in Canada above is more on skills usually the salary offered in these jobs are doubled or tripled when compared with the salary in the Philippines. Now, since you’re interested on those jobs. Here’s some of the places where those jobs are offered. To give you some information and idea what it looks like.


If you’re planning to apply for a job in Quebec, Canada and wondering the appearance and geography of the place, well, Quebec is located on the Saint Lawrence River and is mostly a french-speaking province. Historical structures in quebec has been fortified through generations and have been the identity of the place. The place is famous with it stone buildings and narrow streets. It also has towering Château Frotenac Hotel and the Citadelle of Quebec

Jobs Opportunities in Canada     Jobs Opportunities in Canada


British Columbia is the Canada’s westernmost province described by its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges. There’s a lot of land features in british columbia. Few of them are the Glacier National Park which offers hiking and biking trails. There’s also campgrounds and also the famous major ski resort, the Whistler Blackcomb by which it hosted the last 2010 Winter Olympics.

Job Opportunities       Job Opportunities


Another province of Canada is Manitoba. This province is in-between Ontario and Saskatchewan. The place is familiar with its rivers, lakes, mountains, forests and prairies that covers from northern Arctic upto Hudson Bay. It has much wilderness and protects of more than 80 provinccial parks where tourists and local citizens can hike, bike, canoe, camp and fish.

Job Opportunities in Canada      Job Opportunities in Canada


Ontario is a province in east-central Canada that borders the U.S. and the Great Lakes. It’s home to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, known for Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National Gallery, featuring Canadian and indigenous art. Toronto, Ontario’s capital, is home to the 553m-high CN Tower, with expansive views from its revolving restaurant, as well as High Park, site of a rare oak savannah habitat.

Job Opportunities in Canada          Job Opportunities in Canada


Newfoundland and Labrador form the most easterly province of Canada. On Newfoundland island, the Norse archaeological site L’Anse aux Meadows is the reputed settlement of Viking explorer Leif Erikson. Gros Morne National Park, on the Gulf of St Lawrence, has cliffs, waterfalls and glacial fjords. Southeastern capital city St. John’s is known for the 17th-century Signal Hill citadel, with a hillside walking trail

Job Opportunities in Canada           Job Opportunities in Canada