LOOK: Top 10 Performing Schools in 2019 PH Bar Exam

Congratulations to all the new lawyers who passed the 2019 bar exam!

Philippine Bar exams is among the hardest, nerve-racking and much-awaited licensure examination in the Philippines. Aspiring lawyers are mandated to undergo a professional licensure examination which is supervised by the Supreme court of the Philippines under the Supreme Court Bar Examination Committee.

Every year, passers of the bar examination are announced directly and publicly in the Supreme court. Familes of the student who can personally visit the supreme court gather and wait outside until the names of their son or daughter flashes on the widescreen — witnessing a mixture of emotions expressed by the families and student.

As the recent bar exam results are released, universities and colleges around the philippines offering law courses have been able to display their excellence of teaching depending if the student climbs through the top ten passers of the bar exam. The reflection of both; the dedication of the student and nurturing startegies of the institution are the best exemplar and are always the utmost priority and achievement.

By this, with the results of the 2019 Philippine Bar Exam, these are the academic institutions that marked their way into the top 10.