AGREE OR DISAGREE? Covid-19 a Blessing in Disguise?

Covid-19 a Blessing in Disguise?

Coronavirus pandemic in the Philippines has been devastating to anything’s about living and security. It changes the way people live and make a living every day.

As the number of cases are near to 200,000. It’s too alarming that the healthcare system of the Philippines – the way people observe it – is below average.

A lot of hospitals has been announcing their full capacity as they could no longer accept patients diagnosed with coronavirus. And this is only one of the many problem that Filipinos are facing right now.

Let’s add the 45% of the population who lost their jobs and couldn’t make enough money just to pay their expenses like the ongoing surge of electric bills from meralco and water bills, just to name a few.

Let’s also add the insistence of the goverment by pushing the school year on a remote learning despite difficulties and limited capabilities of most students regarding internet connectivity.

The controversial statement of Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III voiced out in a webinar facilitated by the University of the Philippines that the Covid-19 has somehow a “Blessing in Disguise” as it acts as a catalyst for the implementation of the Universal Health care Law.

“This can also be some kind of blessing in disguise, serendipitous. Kasi parang na-accelerate iyong universal healthcare because of COVID-19. It is a catalyst.” He said.

“Although COVID-19 has exposed the fissures or the cracks, weakness of our health system, it has brought to (the) fore the areas, provisions of UHC that need to be accelerated in terms of their implementation.” He added.

Just to reiterate what are the devastatating changes that has been happening during the pandemic, it seriously affected the poor of the poor which blindly seek anywhere for help just to provide and to sustain their necessity every day.

Is Covid-19 really a blessing in disguise?


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