Duterte Vs PNoy: Word War

The word war between President Duterte and Former President PNoy has escalated quickly.

The former President on Tuesday questioned the effectiveness of the Duterte administration’s campaign against drugs. Citing the data from the Dangerous Drugs Board that pegged the number of drug users when he assumed office at 1.7 million, and they were able to bring it down to 1.3 million mid-term, only to see it rise back to 1.8 million in 2015.

“Ang sasabihin ko lang, nung kami 1.8 million; tapos sa isang taon nito na may all-out na kampanya laban sa drugs, 1.8 million pa rin ang sinasabi ng survey at survey na nila yan,”

(All I can say is during my term, there were 1.8 million drug users. Now, despite an all-out campaign against illegal drugs, there are still 1.8 million drug users according to a government survey.)

“So para makita natin kung may success or failures, kailangan mai-compare natin, sa English, apples to apples: Ano ba yung status, ano ba yung statistika?,” he said.

(To see any success or failure, we have to compare apples to apples. What is the status? What are the statistics?)

“Parang wala yatang nangyari.” Aquino said

(It seems like nothing happened.)

President Rodrigo Duterte on the other hand retaliated with his predecessor for questioning the current administration’s war on illegal drugs.

“Sabi ni PNoy, parang walang nangyari. Sige, pumasok ka sa droga, PNoy, ‘pag hindi kita pinutulan ng ulo, buang ka. Anong walang nangyari? Put— Gago ka,” Duterte said.

(Aquino said nothing happened. OK, you try going into drugs, PNoy, and I’ll cut your head off, you fool. What happened? **** stupid.)

“Mga general mo noon, iyang aide mo, ‘yung aide ni Roxas, puro nasa droga. Konektado. Number one diyan ‘yung bata ninyo, si General Loot, isa pa ‘yang u*** na ‘yan. I mentioned his name noong pinatawag ko sila. Ewan ko lang kung nandito si Loot, p****** ina mo, huwag mong takutin general ka,” he said.

(Your generals, aide, Roxas’ aide, they are all into drugs. They have drug connections. Number one here is your guy, General Loot, another ****. I mentioned his name when I summoned the country’s local officials. I don’t know if Loot is here, you ****, stop making threats.)

President Duterte debunked Aquino’s claim, saying that the current administration’s made a significant achievement in curbing illegal drugs, compared to the past administration.

The past and the furious has shown  indications of a looming conflict.  We want our readers to react and comment below, who do you think has the upper hand, President Duterte or the former President PNoy?

On word war. who do you think has the upper hand, President Duterte or the former President PNoy?