IATF Lifts Motorcycle Barrier Policy, Receives Flood of Criticisms

No More Motorcycle Barrier

The Inter-agency Task Force (IATF) lifted the motorcycle barrier policy after allowing riders who reside in the same house. Last July, the government approved the implementation of motorcycle barriers when riding a motorcycle with someone. Authorities reiterated that it could decrease the spread of virus as several scientific studies showed the danger and ineffectiveness of it.

In the statement of Ralph Recto, he expressed his thoughts on how stupid the implementation of IATF guidelines, when in fact, they are the ones responsible for the prevention of infectious diseases.

“The barrier to common sense has finally been lifted. No IATF rule triggered the greatest resistance and launched the most jokes. And the fact that they stonewalled for a long time and stubbornly defended it, despite evidence to the contrary, inflicted damage on their reputation” Ralph Recto

After it was announce few moments ago, a lot of citizens, especially those people whose only way to save expenses from going to work is to ride a motorcycle expressed their anger because a lot of them bought motorcycle barriers just to be allowed travelling with the guidelines proposed.

The motorcycle barriers cost about 500 up to 700 pesos, which is, by this amount is very crucial for families who striving for income in the middle of this pandemic.

Nevertheless, the IATF reiterated that motorcycle barrier policy are still effective if the both persons are not living in the same house but not in a strict implementation. Only those who wanted.

By the time it was proposed, local experts suggest that it wasn’t totally effective in the prevention of virus transmission and added the danger comes with it.

Is it really a good move by the IATF to abolish motorcycle barrier policy?

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