AGREE? Cartoons from 80s and 90s Should be Televised again in National Television


Still remember these cartoons?

The Flintstone kids, the transformers, the smurfs, Dennis the menace and Ducktales. These are some of the best cartoons made in the 80s, these give enjoyment to millenials. The reason why they sleep late and always give much of their time facing the television, waiting for it to air.

Millenial Cartoon - The TransformersMillenial Cartoons - The Flinstone KidsMillenial cartoon - Dennis the Menace

Comparison of millenial cartoons from those that airs in the television right now might give exposure on the animation quality side of millenials cartoons. But, these are made to give lessons with amusement. Maybe some aren’t, but most of them serve lessons at the end.

Giving also emphasis on the nostalgia of millenials cartoons. It can give a surge of emotions and story telling to our loved ones who never witnessed it. 

Do you agree to showcase it again in national television?

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