Pasig City Mayor Candidates 2022 Survey

Who would you vote for 2022 City Mayor for Pasig City? Vice Mayor Iyo Christian Caruncho-Bernardo or the Incumbent Mayor Vico Sotto?

Current Pasig City Vice Mayor Iyo Christian Caruncho-Bernardo is seeking to challenge Mayor Vico Sotto as the next Pasig City mayor in the 2022 elections. Vice Mayor Christian Caruncho-Bernardo will run under People’s Reform Party while Mayor Vico Sotto will run under Aksyon Demokratiko. Both Mayoral Candidates are considered the next generations of our Philippine political scene, Vico who is 32 and Iyo who is 45.

You may cast our virtual vote for the next Pasig City Mayor this 2022.

Who would you vote as the next Mayor for Pasig City this 2022?