What is the Best Business to Start during COVID-19 in the Philippines ?

While many business in the Philippines are affected during the COVID-19 pandemic, some small businesses are seeing lots of new and potential customers.

As of this writing, our economic crisis continues, wherein it is expected that businesses will not return to normal unless vaccines are available. But, it is also in the middle of these desperate times that the very best in us emerges ,including our business acumen.

The question is, what is the best business to start during COVID-19 in the Philippines ?

Let’s talk about the current problem then within that sphere, we can come up with solutions. Then with the given solutions ,there will be business possibilities thus business opportunities during COVID-19 can be uncover.

1. Logistical Problem – Movements of people and Goods are very tight and limited , the most appropriate business during this COVID-19 are related  to delivery and pick-up. Thus Food Delivery Business, Pick-up and Deliver business like Laundromat, will strive, then  Community store like mom and pops store and Talipapa will adopt in this kind of situation.

2. Class Suspension – Imagine 28 million students will not  attend the regular classroom type of learning.  A huge market potential for the following business like Online Tutorials, Computer Store, Gadget Store, Computer repair shop, Prepaid Shops, Printing Shop and other related business that will supply home schooling will definitely will be on high demand.

3. Supply Problem -Manufacturing businesses are hit the most, especially those labor intensive local manufacturers. With supply dwindling and demand on the highest peak, prices are at stake. It is now ideal to have the following businesses to start like Face Mask Manufacturer, Agri producers, Local food supplier, Logistic company, Online Selling and small community food stall.

Anything that can be use as an alternative for the low demand goods will prosper during this COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of new business ideas and opportunities have come out of the prevailing crisis. It is up to you and your current situations to grab that opportunity. Market and demand differs in every place and situation, you still need to assess the situation before taking that big leap.

But again, it should be a calculated risk and we hope we have pointed out the Best Business to Start during COVID-19 in the Philippines ?