Stop Racism! Everybody Say Black Lives Matter for 9 Times

His last words “I can’t breathe…They’re killing me”

Racism has to stop. George Floyd, an african-american man who lived in minneapolis was arrested, handcuffed and was killed when a white police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes!

Stop Racism

The inhumane death of George Floyd sparked rage on the streets of Minneapolis in the US. The news spreads rapidly as it reaches hundred thousands of shares on instagram, twitter and facebook until it becomes a world-wide issue.

Dark history of US way back few centuries ago witnessed the brutality of white supremacy against black people. Various laws were codified to enable it and the black people lives were at stake. These brutalities against black people has continued to progress up until now where sovereignty of every races must be acknowledged by now.

Stop Racism

Despite different races, we should not normalize separation of privileges. Skin tone is just a color, it does not define how should one live. If someone is being abused, they are already asking for our help because they couldn’t do it alone.

Helping someone isn’t too much to ask for, especially, if you know they are on the right place. There’s nothing more powerful than people who for fight for other’s rights.

Empowerment of each other won’t take place if we restrict ourselves to show the love that everyone deserves.

By the end of the day, we are still humans.

We are all humans.

Let’s stop racism. #BlackLivesMatter

By this can you share your way how to spread awareness against racism?