SURVEY: Do You Agree with the PUV modernization program

Transport groups demanded the junking of President Rodrigo Duterte administration’s transport modernization program. The Government has proposed phased out of older jeepneys to make way for more environmentally-friendly models and around 180,000 jeepneys will need to be replaced, according to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.

The program, according to the official press release, is “designed to make public utility vehicles safer, more convenient, more comfortable, and environment-friendly.”

But according to the transport groups, the transport modernization program is an “anti-poor” program, saying a brand new jeepney would cost at least P1 million per unit, and would be financially impossible for drivers.

Responding to criticism from transport groups, the government has said that there are several financial loan schemes available to drivers to help them pay for the cost of the new jeepney units.

What do you think? Do You Agree with the PUV modernization program?

Do You Agree with the PUV modernization program

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