SURVEY: To wear or not to wear face shield?

COVID-19 are transmitted when a sick person with virus speaks, sneezes or coughs, thus the virus can be passed on to other people if these viral droplets enter the nasal cavity, mouth or eyes.  Plus, the fact that people who might be carrying the virus might not show any symptoms during the incubation period or there could be no symptoms at all.  So, it is hard for most of us to detect healthy or sick and virus carrier even if we take the body temperature of that individual.

The question is, should I wear a face shield?

According to guidelines of the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force , face shields is adequate in most public places, including malls and supermarkets and give additional protection. But most people see this as impractical, in our humid and warm country breathing alone with a face mask  is hard enough adding additional layer of plastic in our face is  a challenge for most adult.

But before we ditch those face shield, learn more about the pros and cons.

Google, try to do some research if face shields are effective? Check if this wearing of face shield  is still extremely important to maintain safety measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus or just another impractical infection prevention scheme?

hen take this SURVEY: To wear or not to wear face shield?



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