Top 10 Prettiest Basketball Player Wives

Check out our 2017 list of the HOTTEST wives of your favorite PBA stars! Know more about the women behind our favorite players on the court, here are our Top 10 prettiest Basketball player wives.

Chesca Garcia married to Doug Kramer 

Bianca Gonzalez married to JC Intal

Kyla married to Rich Alvarez

Danica Sotto married to Marc Pingris 

Lei Feranil married to Gabe Norwood 

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Russell Barroca married to  Mark Barroca  

Angela Medalla married to Joseph Yeo 

Jeck Conwi-Maierhofer married to Rico Maierhofer

Justin Ruth Gascon married to  Chris Banchero 

LJ Moreno married to Jimmy Alapag 

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Top 10 Prettiest Basketball Player Wives